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Classification of Lexical Stylistic Devices

Words in a context may acquire additional lexical meanings not fixed in the dictionaries, what we have called contextual meanings. The latter may sometimes deviate from the dictionary meaning to such a degree that the new meaning even becomes the opposite of the primary meaning. What is known in linguistics as transferred meaning is practically the interrelation between two types of lexical meaning: dictionary and contextual. 06 Июня 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Cold War

The Cold War was a war that literally wasn’t typical war. There weren’t any fighter planes flying over countries dropping bombs, no tanks no ground troops, no actually deployment of missile, and no ground troops. However there were a stockpile of nuclear weapons, money was being spent like an actually War was being fought, propaganda, and there were two superpower enemies but no actually fighting occurred. The Cold War (CW) was a big arms race that was started after World War II between the United States and the Soviet Union (USSR). There were two dominant powers fighting to become the dominant power. The world became bipolar because of this war. The CW was the war between ideologyies, Democracy and Communism. 15 Декабря 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Communication competence

Communication competence
refers to both your knowledge and
understanding of how
communication works and to your
ability to use communication
Using communication effectively
would involve your ability to select
and implement the best choices for
communicating and to read and
adjust to the ongoing feedback that
you receive from your own messages
and that guide the choices you make
in selecting future messages.
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Company Liquidation (Ликвидация компании)

Relevance of a subject of work is defined by that at the termination of functioning of the enterprise it leaves number of subjects of civil law, and it is necessary to resolve an issue of destiny of obligations which participant was an enterprise stopping existence.
Activity of the enterprises stops for various reasons. But it is possible to classify acts of such terminations by two criteria: depending on the body which made the decision on the termination of activity of the subject and depending on existence of succession.
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Comparative analysis of phrases and phraseological units from Kyrgyz epic “Manas” and its English translation

Phraseology (derived from Greek “phrazls” – combination and “logos” - science) is a scholarly approach to language which developed in the twentieth century.[1] It is a young branch of linguistics, which closely borders with lexicology and stylistics. Lexicography and stylistics served as a basis of phraseology to be founded as independent discipline. 01 Августа 2012  Тип: дипломная работа  Скачать

Comparison of nouns in English and Russian languages

Language is a social phenomenon and every language has its own grammar. For many centuries such famous scholars as B. Illyish, M. Y. Blokh, O. Jesperson and many others had investigated the problem of parts of speech, that causes great controversies both in general linguistic theory and in the analysis of separate languages. And the main question that had interested them was noun as a part of speech. 02 Декабря 2011  Тип: курсовая работа  Скачать

Computer addiction

The Internet provides a constant, ever-changing source of information and entertainment, and can be accessed from most smart phones as well as tablets, laptops, and computers. Email, blogs, social networks, and message boards allow for both public and anonymous communication about any topic. But how much is too much Internet usage? 20 Августа 2013  Тип: творческая работа  Скачать

Concept and feature of literary translation

The urgency of a theme of research follows that translation of art texts is one of the most complicated problems of translation. Prominent feature of fiction is display in each case of an individual art manner of the writer. Thus the manner of the writer is caused by its outlook, influence of an aesthetics of an epoch and literary school, lexical and grammatical (in particular, syntactic) means of language and their parities with each other. 29 Июля 2014  Тип: реферат  Скачать


Constitution is the Basic Law of the State, reinforcing its legal status, and political, economicfundamentals. It serves as the basis for the progressive development of society and the State, establishes the basic rules of life, regulates their rights and freedoms prevents theexclusion of the State from the needs of the common man. The Constitution consists of a preamble and two sections. 24 Ноября 2014  Тип: статья  Скачать


Competition in the translation from the Latin meaning " face " and can be defined as a contest between individuals and economic entities that are interested in achieving the same goal. If you specify this target in terms of the marketing concept , the market competition is called the struggle for companies limited purchasing power of consumers, leading firms in the market segments available to them . 23 Октября 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать