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Banking System of the United Kingdom

Banking system of the United Kingdom.

2. Banking in the UK can be considered to have started in the Kingdom of England in the 17th century.

Three c characteristics: well developed banking infrastructure, a close relationship with the international market for loan capital, a high degree of concentration and specialization.
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Banks and money

All values in the economic system are measured in term of money.
Our goods and sold for money, and that money is in turn exchanged for other goods and services.
Coins are adequate for small transaction, while paper notes are used for general business.
There is additionally a wider sense of the word «money», covering anything which is used as a means of exchanged, whatever form it may take.
Originally, a valuable metal (gold, silver of copper) served as a constant store of value, and even today the American dollar is technically «backed» by the store of gold which the US government maintains.
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Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad was a major and decisive battle of World War II in which Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) in the southwestern Soviet Union. The battle took place between August 23, 1942 and February 2, 1943[6][7][8][9] and was marked by constant close-quarters combat and lack of regard for military and civilian casualties. It is among the bloodiest battles in the history of warfare, with the higher estimates of combined casualties amounting to nearly two million. 11 Марта 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Beauty and the Beas

We all know that a man is judged by his appearance. External beauty can help in your personal life, career and improve self-esteem. That’s why people who are not endowed with beauty use the services of plastic surgeons and unfortunately they do not realize the possible negative effects of cosmetic surgery. 01 Октября 2013  Тип: сочинение  Скачать

Bereicherung des deutschen Wortschatzes durch Bildung von

Es gibt noch eine Moeglichkeit, den Wortschatz der Sprache zu bereichern, naemlich durch Entstehung sogenannter stehender Wortverbindungen. Der Wortschatz der Sprache besteht aus einzelnen Woertern und Wortverbindungen (Redensarten, Wortgefuegen), die letzteren koennen in der Sprache als lexikalische Einheiten auftreten. Unter lex. Einheiten verstehen wir nicht nur Einzelwoerter, sondern auch stehende Wortverbindungen (Phrase, feste Redewendungen, Redensarten, Phraseologismen ). 14 Мая 2013  Тип: доклад  Скачать


Die Hauptstadt von Deutschland ist Berlin. Die Stadt hat etwa 3,5 Millionen Einwohner. Sie liegt in Mitteleuropa an den Flüssen Spree und Havel. Als Stadt wird Berlin 1251 erstmals erwähnt. Berlin ist ein deutsches Land und zugleich eine Stadt. Auf dem Wappen ist ein Bär. 04 Апреля 2015  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Bertolt Brecht 

Bertolt Brecht ( gebürtig Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht; war ein einflussreicher deutscher Dramatiker und Lyriker des 20 Jahrhunderts. Seine Werke werden weltweit aufgeführt. Brecht hat das epische Theater beziehungsweise „dialektische Theater“ begründet und umgesetzt.
Erste Veröffentlichungen

Frühzeitig begann Brecht zu dichten.
Ab 1916 entstanden bereits Gedichte, die 1927 in die Sammlung Bertolt Brechts Hauspostille aufgenommen wurden, zu denen Brecht also auch später noch stand. Das erste von ihnen war das Lied von der Eisenbahntruppe von Fort Donald, zuerst erschienen im Juli 1916 im Erzähler und gezeichnet „Bert Brecht“.
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Big Ben

The Clock Tower is the name of the famous tower of Parliament - more popularly known as Big Ben. UK residents can arrange a tour through their local MP. However, please be advised that space is extremely limited and early booking, 3-6 months in advanced, is strongly recommended. Overseas visitors cannot currently visit the tower. Big Ben is one of London's best-known landmarks, and looks most spectacular at night when the clock faces are illuminated. You even know when parliament is in session, because a light shines above the clock face. 02 Февраля 2014  Тип: творческая работа  Скачать

Bilingualism mannerisms and attitudes towards it

Двуязычие социолингвистическим явление, которое получило много внимания ученых, не только из-за его важности в связи, но также из-за политических и демографических соображений, которые привели многих социологов к бренду некоторых языков в качестве основных, а другие незначительные multiliguistic в настройках. Эта классификация заставляет африканских языков в подчиненном положении, на том основании, что лишь немногие из них были кодифицированы, и еще меньше используются в инструкции, поэтому превосходство европейских языков в Камеруне, где термин "двуязычие" сразу же вызывает в памяти мастерство английского и французского языков. 03 Ноября 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Birth Ceremonies in the Russian Family

For women, there are no more significant and memorable events in a life than having a baby. Childbirth is the most sacred and most important period in any woman’s life. There are many different ceremonial procedures that surround the birth of a child depending on cultural beliefs, values, and traditions of a community a woman lives in. In Russian culture, the arrival of a new baby in the family is accompanied by its own practices and ceremonies.
In Russia when a woman becomes pregnant, she tells only the father of a child and the closest members of her family about her pregnancy. Unlike the pregnant woman of Quecha Indians of Guatemala, the Russian mother does not mention her pregnancy to her friends or any other people until the stomach is easily noticed.
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