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Doctors Without Borders in Russia

"Doctors without Borders » (MSF) work in Russia since the early 90s . Now the main programs of the organization in the country aimed at restoring the health of the population affected by the fighting in the North Caucasus. Mobile teams provide basic health care to displaced people living in temporary accommodation centers in Grozny. Organization renovated building clinics in Grozny , established work free pharmacy. " Doctors Without Borders" support the local hospital, they also work organized antenatal clinics . 28 Ноября 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Doctor’s profession

Nobody needs to be told that the doctor’s profession is one of the most essential and human. The doctor is a specialist in whose hands is human life. The care for the people's health is one of the main concerns of the state. In the Ukrainian State much attention is paid to the doctor’s training. Medical Institutes train general practitioners, surgeons, sanitary inspectors, pediatricians. Pharmaceutical and Stomatological Institutes train future stomatologists and pharmacists. There are also stomatological and pharmaceutical faculties in some medical institutes. 02 Декабря 2013  Тип: сочинение  Скачать

Doing Business in Kazakhstan

The world’s ninth largest country, Kazakhstan occupies a vast but relatively isolated space between Europe and Asia. Kazakhstan has a long and rich history, having evolved from a nomad civilisation dating back to the first millennium BC through various periods of expansion and occupation by the Soviets to its current position as a modern nation state. Its diverse ethnic composition combines the native Kazakh people and tribes with a large population of Russians, who each make up approximately half of the population, but remain separated by language and religion. The convergence of these two distinct populations has created a unique culture reliant on both agricultural and industrial ways of life 08 Апреля 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Doing business in spain

When doing business in Spain handshakes are standard as with the rest of Europe. First-time introductions will be formal; as the relationship develops it will naturally become less so. It is always a good idea to try and use some of the local language. Most people can be greeted using Señor (Mr), Señora (Mrs) or Señorita (Miss) followed by their surname. You may also hear people being addressed with their professional titles. 13 Мая 2013  Тип: доклад  Скачать

Don't lose sight of why the US is out to get Julian Assange

This is a man, after all, who has yet to be charged, let alone convicted, of anything. But as far as the bulk of the press is concerned, Assange is nothing but a "monstrous narcissist", a bail-jumping "sex pest" and an exhibitionist maniac. After Ecuador granted him political asylum and Assange delivered a "tirade" from its London embassy's balcony, fire was turned on the country's progressive president, Rafael Correa, ludicrously branded a corrupt "dictator" with an "iron grip" on a benighted land. The ostensible reason for this venom is of course Assange's attempt to resist extradition to Sweden (and onward extradition to the US) over sexual assault allegations – including from newspapers whose record on covering rape and violence against women is shaky, to put it politely. But as the row over his embassy refuge has escalated into a major diplomatic stand-off, with the whole of South America piling in behind Ecuador, such posturing looks increasingly speciousНе упускать из виду того, почему США, чтобы получить Джулиана Ассанжа 16 Октября 2013  Тип: доклад  Скачать

Early life and education

Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in San Francisco. His full name was Steven Paul Jobs. Birth parents abandoned him and then Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Some years later his adoptive parents affiliated a daughter, Patti.
Paul was a mechanical engineer and worked for a corporation which produced lasers. Steve’s stepmother was a bookkeeper. She taught him to read at an early age and Paul showed Steve elementary electronics. Steve himself always insisted that Paul and Clara were his parents.
In 1972 Steve Jobs graduated from high school in California and became a college student at Reed College in Portland. He also attended lectures at the HP Company and then began to work there with his schoolfellow Steve Wozniak.
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Easter Traditions in USA

Easter is a major religious festival of Christians that is celebrated in a grand manner with a big party time celebration. Every nation has its own way of celebrating a particular festivity. Every country has some peculiar traditions and customs. For example it is the tradition of America to conduct special Easter parades, where men and women flaunt their special costumes and colorful bonnets. The person who leads the parade can be spotted holding Easter candle or cross in his/her hand. It is interesting to explore facts about Easter traditions in USA. Read further to know about Easter celebration in America… 05 Мая 2013  Тип: доклад  Скачать

Ecological problems of pollution

Worldwide the stinky problems of pollution.
Many cars, trucks and factories add bad breath to the air.
Many cities have dirty air.
Chemical called sulfates puff out of coal burning factories.
When sulfates mix with clouds, acid rain falls and harms plants & creatures.
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Economic forces

Human wants are unlimited, but the resources necessary to satisfy those wants are limited. Thus, every society is faced with the identical problem, the problem of scarcity. Since there is not enough of everything to go around, everyone — individuals, business firms, and government — needs to make choices from among the things they want. In the process they will try to economize, to get the most from what they have. With this in mind we can define economics 22 Сентября 2013  Тип: доклад  Скачать

Economic miracle of Singapore

Singapore officially becomes the most comfortable country for business, showing to the whole world the model of economic expansion without natural resources. In Singapore there is no oil, gas or ore. Moreover this country does not even have the sand for building and drinking-water. All these things have to be imported. In spite of scarcity of resources, and minerals, this country at the end of a 20 age accomplished a swift economic breach, flying up from a world bottom in the first five of countries on the level of GDP. The main and unique tool of Singapore in the fight for own prosperity became particular conditions for making business. During the short interval of time a country destroyed all of obstacles on the way of technologies and capital. 11 Марта 2014  Тип: курсовая работа  Скачать