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Economic situation in Russia

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. Тhe country has an abundance of natural resources, including timber, precious metals, and particularly fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal). The Russian economy has different stages of developmentfrom booms, slumps and so on.
The Russian empire grew enormously during the 19th century, covering land from Poland and West to the Pacific coast in the East.
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Economic system

There are a number of ways in which a government can organize its econ-omy and the type of system chosen is critical in shaping environment in which businesses operate.
An economic system is quite simply the way in which a country uses its available resources (land, workers, natural resources, machinery etc.) to satisfy the demands of its inhabitants for goods and services. The more goods and services that can be produced from these limited resources, the higher the stan-dard of living enjoyed by the country's citizens.
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Economics plays a central role in our life, because it is all around us. What makes the price of oil go up? Why is there unemployment? What is inflation? All of these are questions where economics plays an important role. So for the person who is curious about how the world works, knowing something about economics is a pretty important thing. Now I’d like to tell you something about economics. Firstly I’ll start with the history of economics. Then I’ll say about macro and microeconomics, continue with definition of system and economic system, after that, I’ll tell you about macro environment, international economics. 19 Ноября 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Education in Canada

Система образования в Канаде происходит от английских и американских традиций и французской традиции, последняя особенно ярко представлена в провинции Квебек. Английский или французский язык является языком обучения, а также в некоторых школах с обучением на обоих официальных языках. Каждая из десяти провинций несет ответственность за установление и поддержание своей школьной системы. В Квебек, франко-канадским традициям следуют римско-католические школы. Протестантские школы, однако, также широко распространены в провинции. Хотя Канада не является центральным министерством образования, федеральное правительство организует школы для детей индейцев в резервациях, заключенных федеральных исправительных учреждениях, и детей военнослужащих. 01 Декабря 2014  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Education in Great Britain

In Great Britain education is compulsory for all children from 5 to 16 years of age. Before 5
some children attend Nursery Schools, while most children start their basic education in an
Infant School, which is the first stage of Primary Education. In Primary School children are
taught the so-called 3R’s- reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as elementary science and
information technology. They also have music, physical training and art classes.
At the age of 11 children transfer to Comprehensive Schools. These schools give general
education and a wide range of academic courses leading to the public examinations taken at 16.
They also provide some vocational courses.
Along with the state schools there are about 500 private schools in Britain. Most of these
Independent or Public Schools charge fees and there are boarding schools, where the children
actually live in the school.
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Education in Great Britain: Higher Education

There is a considerable choice of post-school education in Britain. In addition to universities, there are also polytechnics and a series of different types of assisted colleges, such as colleges of technology, art, etc., which tend to provide more work-orientated courses than universities.
Some of these courses are part-time, with the students being released by their employers for one day a week or longer periods.
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Education in Kazakhstan and in Britain

Educational system in Kazakhstan differs from American or Britain. At the age of two or tree children can go to a kinder-garden but it is not necessarily. The children stay in the kinder-garden the whole day. They eat, sleep and learn there. They learn different things about surrounding world, numbers and letters. At the age of five they start writing. 23 Октября 2014  Тип: лекция  Скачать

Education in Kazakhstan. Education in Britain.

The educational system in Kazakhstan is conducted in two languages - Kazakh and Russian and consists of several levels of state and private educational establishments: infant schools, elementary (or primary) schools, comprehensive schools, colleges and academies. The constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan fixes the right of citizens of the republic on free-of-charge secondary education which is obligatory. The constitution prohibits any discrimination on the basis of language or ethnicity and guarantees equal rights in education regardless of nationality. Children start school at the age of 7 and finish at 17. As a rule a child attends the school, located in the neighborhood. 05 Апреля 2013  Тип: контрольная работа  Скачать

Education System in Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan enjoys a 97 percent literacy rate, which is higher than in developing countries such as India, Peru, and Morocco. The system of education in the country consists of: preschool education, general secondary education, out-of-school training and education, family education, secondary vocational training, secondary technical education, higher education, post-higher education, and the development of professional competence and in-service training. 16 Декабря 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать

Educational system of Eastern World

In Eastern system of education everyone does what they are supposed to do! Teachers are knowledge providers, while students are knowledge receiver. In western system students are only guided and helped but not taught by teachers, students may interrupt class process by giving questions any time. whereas In East students listen to attentively without interrupting teachers and give question once the lesson is ended. Western education is definitely better because they are making individuals, who knwo what they want to do in the future. In Western education, students are doing hey own research, they canxpress their ideas even if their in contrastwitht with the ideas of their teachers or the soceity that they are living in. They are also taking classes they they will need for their major, not some useless classes that Eastern education schools force their students. 15 Июня 2013  Тип: реферат  Скачать