Nuclear power plants

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In the second half of the 40's., Even before the completion of the development of the first Soviet atomic bomb (her test on August 29, 1949), Soviet scientists began to develop the first draft of peaceful use of nuclear energy, the general direction of which immediately became a power industry.
In 1948, at the suggestion of Kurchatov and in accordance with the task of the Party and the government first began work on the practical application of atomic energy to generate electricity.
- Nuclear power plants

- Advantages and disadvantages

- Developments in the nuclear power plants in Japan.

- The situation in the nuclear power plant Fukusima. Radiation continues to go into the environment.

- Radioactive tourists from Japan detained. Their things and clothes had to be thrown.

- Radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant has nowhere to go! Only one solution - throw into the sea.